John Edward William Crutchley was a Corporal in the Royal Australian Air Force during World War II. Margaret Malval and John began correspondence after John received a Christmas parcel from Margaret through the Australian Comforts Fund. This collection includes three letters from John which are dated between 15th January 1944 and 24th January 1945.

Initially John thanks Margaret for the Christmas parcel he received and describes the festivities of their Christmas abroad. In his following letters, John opens up to Margaret and reveals more about his home life in Australia and his past. John was born in England and came to Australia in 1934 'I am English by birth, Australian by Nation. I came to Australia in Sept. 1934 and I am now 29 years very old.' Additionally, John briefly discusses his religion as a Roman Catholic and notes that he is not married. John mentions his travels around Australia and discusses what has been happening in Australia in recent times.

Service Number: 29078
Rank: Corporal
Service: Royal Australian Air Force
Date of Birth: 16 July 1915
Place of Birth: Newhaven, England
Date of Enlistment: 22 October 1940
Date of Discharge: 9 October 1945
Posting at Discharge: 76 Squadron

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