'Apprentice sheet metal worker, Steve Wiggins, and Engineering's Ron Jones, effectively combined to carry out a first-class job of restoration on a 5-ft McKay harvester which was manufactured at the Ballarat plant in 1906, before the transfer to our present headquarters. Most of the original components were intact and minimal improvisation was necessary to restore the harvester to field working order. Cleaning and repainting in the original colours required some painstaking work. The assignment was undertaken on behalf of the Institute of Applied Science, which will be exhibiting the historic machine in its Melbourne museum.   H.V. McKay developed the original stripper harvester in 1884.' [3]  'HRH Prince Charles inspects a 1906 Sunshine Harvester at the Institute of Applied Science of Victoria's museum. [4] 

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Note: Restoration was undertaken Ron Jones, not David Hopkins as stated in magazine. [1,2]

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