Description of the Massey-Ferguson theme song, 'He's a True Massey-Ferguson Man'.

'Let's whistle the MF tune'
(Massey-Ferguson Outlook, Vol. 1, No. 2, March 1962, p.3)

In February 1962, Massey-Ferguson (Australia) Marketing Department organised the 'Stay at the Top' conference for the company's dealership. The event was held in all State capitals. The conference introduced dealers to a new line of light, industrial tractors and equipment.

The official Massey-Ferguson theme song was also unveiled during the event. Titled He's a True Massey-Ferguson Man, the song replaced the company's previous theme Massey-Ferguson Kind of Man which was a North American composition. The company's Marketing Manager Stan Payton wrote the lyrics, while Vern Moore composed the music. Moore was a member of Melbourne's Horrie Dargie Quintet. There were two versions of the song. One featured industrial themes, while the other related to agriculture

The song reflects the company's new marketing strategy. Following its takeover of H.V McKay Massey Harris in 1956, Massey-Ferguson (Australia) began building a presence in the Australian market. Bold and colourful events were held for the company's dealers and Australian farmers to promote the Massey-Ferguson brand and products. The firm's publicity blitz extended to other marketing outlets such as television advertising on rural stations and merchandising.

The company theme song reveals Massey-Ferguson's attempts to unify its workforce with a new corporate identity and loyalty. Unlike the previous official song, He's a True Massey-Ferguson Man was an Australian composition featuring patriotic sentiment. The agricultural version of the song linked the company to the modernisation of Australian farming.

He's a True Massey-Ferguson Man (Agricultural version)
Setting the pace in modern farming,
Setting the pace throughout the land, For our nation's need he's a friend indeed,
He's a true Massey-Ferguson man!
Sowing the seeds for our nation's future,
Sowing the seed on fertile land,
We can set our course,
On the vital force, of
The true Massey-Ferguson man!
He's a natural man, agricultural man
He's Australian to the core,
He's a field man,
He's a yield man,
From his toil in the soil,
We get more, More, MORE!
Cultivation of our nation,
Place it safely in his hands.
He's down to earth, and we know his worth,
He's a true Massey-Ferguson man!
Massey-Ferguson Outlook 1962, 'Let's Whistle the MF Tune' and 'Marketing 'Circus' Showed How MF Will Stay at the Top' Vol. 1, No. 2, pp.3.
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