Biography of Sister Carruthers who worked as a nurse at Sunshine Harvester Works between 1946 and 1955.

Sister Carruthers became in charge of the Sunshine Harvester Works First Aid Room in 1946. She remained in this position until 1954. Sister Vera Lillian Dunn occupied this role prior to Sister Carruthers' arrival.

Before joining the Sunshine Harvester Works, Sister Carruthers established St Andrew's Private Hospital with her sister in 1922. The hospital was located on King Edward Avenue in Sunshine. By 1937, the hospital could accommodate up to 18 patients and featured a sterilising room, an operating theatre, bathrooms and lavatories for patients and a special entrance for ambulances. An attractive lawn also adorned the hospital's exterior. Sister Carruthers retired from the hospital in 1946 before moving onto the Sunshine Harvester Works.

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