This collection consists of 12-track punched paper tapes were used for input to CSIRAC, which comprise the original program library tapes of subroutines and programs, and program and data tapes from staff and outside users.

Each paper tape is associated with its digital forms ***.CVT (files executable by CSIRAC emulator), and ***.TSP (program listing on CD). Most information written or typed on the tape has been transferred to these digital files as headers. A CSIRAC Emulator capable of executing the program instructions stored in ***.CVT files can be found (on CD in the Archive at Melbourne Museum) at

The Computation Laboratory Paper Tape Library consisted of tapes with a tape number less than 700. There were not 700 tapes but the number 700 was arbitrarily chosen to separate the Computation Laboratory Library tapes from user tapes.

The Tapes with numbers between 700 and 800 and those numbered >= 900 were user tapes stored together with the Computation Laboratory Library tapes.

Tapes numbers 800 to 900 belonged to John Spencer of the CSIRO Division of Building Research.

Note: 5 hole paper tapes were used primarily for data input and output rather than program input. Programs to be used with Interprogram were on 5 hole paper tape. Interprogram was on 12 hole paper tape.

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