Who led the digital transformation of your company?



or C) COVID-19?

For Victorian students the correct answer is C) COVID-19.

Term 2 saw Prep to Year 12 students, from Mildura to Mallacoota, learning remotely. Even those unable to learn at home have followed the same remote learning programs at school.. Teachers, parents and students have found positives and negatives in the experience, which is set to end on 9 June when school returns to normal for the last few weeks of term.

For many parents, the biggest challenge has been supporting their children while managing their own Zoom calls, emails and deadlines. As workers and organisations across Victoria heed the message to 'work from home if you can'. This digital revolution has introduced many of us to new technologies and new technical difficulties. For some the upside has been finding more time for family or exercise and the end of the peak hour commute.

Only time will tell how long the impacts of the COVID-19 digital revolution will last.

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