We all have spaces we go to, to enjoy experiences which give us meaning in life. Some are everyday things, like going to the market, a cinema, our favourite cafe or the football. Events which we can enjoy alone, with family or in a community setting. Museums, art galleries, libraries, and theatres also offer us the opportunity to enrich our lives. In a word, they are spaces of freedom. Our ability to move around was taken away from us by COVID-19 when the city and state virtually shut down in March 2020.

Places which symbolise the heart of the city, such as Queen Victoria Market, The University of Melbourne, Tullamarine Airport and countless other hubs, have become empty spaces since the lockdown and social distancing was introduced. These spaces are a symbol of an inner emptiness within all of us caused by a loss of freedom.

Museums Victoria is documenting closures and unemployment throughout Victoria, caused by COVID-19.

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