The Board of Architects of New South Wales is a statutory body which administers the Architects Act 1921. This Act protects consumers by maintaining a register of persons who may legally use the title, 'architect', and by prosecuting architects in the event of breach of the Act.

The Board is the primary interface with the general public in respect to legislative provisions controlling architects and the practice of architecture. The Board maintains an up-to-date roll of architects, and a Voluntary List of Architects' Practices, to facilitate the provision of information to the public on architectural practices which comply with the controlling legislation. Registration with the Board requires that architects not breach standards of conduct. The Board is empowered to investigate complaints against architects and to discipline those who fall short of the standard of conduct required.

The mission of the Board is to protect and promote the public interest in architecture, and to advance the cause of architecture.

Members of the Board must be registered architects (at least two of whom must be Chartered Architects). An election is held is held on the second Wednesday of March in every four years. The Electoral Commissioner for New South Wales conducts the election. Registered architects are eligable to vote.

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