Museum Victoria holds several Royal Humane Society of Australasia medals, designed by Charles Turner. This is probably the Charles Turner who illustrated and lithographed Ye Rambles & Exploits of Professor Chunk by John Dunbar Dobson around 1880. In the 1869 Sands and McDougall a Charles Turner is listed at 62 Collins St, East. No Charles Turner is identified as a lithographer in the 1885 Sands and McDougall.

Around 1881-90 Turner created a full colour advertisement for Oriental Tea Company's Packet Teas (State Library of Victoria H 2000.212/10). Other work included 'A Few of the Early Squatters', chromolithographic print, 40.5 x 31.0 cm, supplement to the Australian Sketcher Christmas 1881.

Turner also created the lithograph 'In the Grose Valley, Blue Mountains, New South Wales', around 1885 (National Library of Australia PIC S2025 LOC 2481-A*).

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