Hamilton Academy, Victoria, prize medal issued around 1875. One section of St Mary's, Hamilton - known today as 'The Old Convent' - was the original 'Hamilton Academy'. The first Catholic School was opened in Hamilton in April 1858 by Nicholas Flynn and his wife Margaret. They remained until 1865. The site of the school is where Monivae Junior stands today.

In 1904 'The Academy' came on the market. It was purchased by Dean Shanahan. The main building became the Convent for the Loreto Sisters who arrived in July 1905. The change over of the primary school children of St Mary's in Lonsdale Street to the Academy in Coleraine Road was effected immediately. The Loreto Sisters ran St Mary's School until December 1923. The Sisters of the Good Samaritan arrived to take over Catholic Education in Hamilton in January 1924.

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