Henry Lipscombe Junior took over the retail business as nurseryman and seedsman from his father Frederick Lipscombe in 1854. Henry had previously worked as an assistant to his father for seven years.

In an advertisement dated August 22 1854, Lipscombe addressed himself 'To Growers of Prize Cucumbers and Melons', drawing their attention to the fact that 'The Undersigned, in addition to his other stock of seeds, has just received a small stock of choice Cucumbers and Melons.' His business address is not listed in the advertisement. Over a decade later he was still in the same business, taking out a small advertisement in McPhail's Tasmanian Almanac for 1867.

Henry Lipscombe Junior's father Frederick Lipscombe had arrived in Hobart in 1831, and two brothers, Henry and Edward arrived on the ship Mary Catherine in January 1838. All three played prominent roles in the early horticulture industry in Tasmania.

The date of issue, and the maker of his tokens are both unknown. The Museum Victoria catalogue dates the issue of his tokens to circa 1860.

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