Agricultural and horticultural societies aimed to promote agriculture in the colony; to improve farmers' skills and equipment; to diversify production; to improve plant and animal stock; to publish information gathered; to maintain links with societies and agriculturalists overseas; to present trophies and awards to encourage improvements; and to hold annual fairs. Horticultural societies were particularly interested in plant exchanges and propagation.

The Agricultural Society of New South Wales was established on 5 July 1822 under the patronage of Governor Brisbane. It changed its name to the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of New South Wales in 1826. It disbanded in 1836.

Further research is required to establish the date of the establishment of the Horticultural Society of New South Wales. Geoff Raby does not mention the Society in his list of NSW agricultural societies in Making Rural Australia. He does, however, mention a Horticultural Improvement Society established in 1854 (p.129).

Hugh Raymond Guy Poate, surgeon, (1884-1961) was sometime president of the Royal Horticultural Society of New South Wales.

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Jamison, John, (1828). Report of the Agricultural & Horticultural Society of NSW for 1828 by the President, Agricultural & Horticultural Society of NSW, Sydney.

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