Hugh Dunbar, President of the Shire of Traralgon, was also a landowner, and hoped to make money from selling speculatively. However, his sale in March 1886 was a failure, as the land boom was beginning to falter.

Traralgon's first butter factory was started by a consortium, including Hugh Dunbar, Edward Whittakers and John Peterkin. In its first year this factory turned out 50 tons of butter.

Dunbar chaired a series of Shire meetings in 1889 to consider a water supply to replace the pump, installed in 1877, on the Traralgon Creek. Three proposals were put forward and a plebiscite among ratepayers was held. The proposals were for (1) Tyers River (gravity) £14,000; (2) Traralgon Creek (gravity) £12,000; and (3) Traralgon Creek (pump) £11,400. Ratepayers selected the Tyers River scheme.

This may be the same Hugh Dunbar who married Mary Ellen Johns. They had three sons: Harold Duncan, born 1900 in Traralgon; Edgar John, born 1902; and Hugh Ormond, born 1903 in Traralgon.

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