Little is known about Mark Sommerville, who issued a trade token advertising his Wholesale Grocery business in Auckland in 1875. An article, cited by H.A. Robinson from the 6 March 1850 edition of the New Zealander announced the end of his partnership with Robert McCutcheon.

While his date and place of birth are not known, it is certain that his business endured for many years. Robinson describes the corner block where the store was initially located as 'the datum point for most information given to strangers as to suburban distances; "so many miles from Somerville's corner" was the common form of direction.' (Robinson, 1974, p.142). After many years the store moved to another site in Auckland, and soon after he sold it to a Mr Walter Graham. Somerville died in 1902.

Somerville's tokens bear the floral emblems of Ireland, England and Scotland - the shamrock, rose and thistle - and are dated 1857. They were made by Thomas Stokes of Melbourne.

Robinson, H.A. (1974). 'Auckland Tradesmen's Tokens', The New Zealand Numismatic Journal, May, pp.142-143.

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