Ron was a founding member of the University Computation Laboratory established in 1955.

The Computation Laboratory housed Australia's first (and in 1955/56 only) computer CSIRAC.

Ron was the engineer who brought it from Sydney where it had been built in the late 1940s and was a central figure in the establishment of computing here and in the operation and maintenance of CSIRAC until it was retired in 1964.

The Computation Laboratory grew to became a University department and in 1970, was split into an academic department (the forerunner of CSSE and IS) and a service department (the forerunner of Information Technology Services).

Ron stayed with the Computer Centre/ITS until his retirement.

During the 1990s Ron was coming to CSSE each week as a member of the CSIRAC history team. He was been a key player in the reconstruction of the CSIRAC music (now recognised as the first computer music).

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