Dr Thomas A. Darragh is a graduate of the University of Melbourne in invertebrate palaeontology. His research interests are in the field of Tertiary marine molluscs - he has published many papers on this subject. Darragh also has a long-standing interest in the history of the natural sciences, particularly geology in Victoria, and in the arts of engraving and lithography in 19th century Victoria, focussing on the personalities involved and the production of geological maps. He is the author of several papers and a book on these topics. He has also undertaken research on 19th century German scientists and intellectuals in Victoria.

In 1965 Darragh began work at the Museum of Victoria, in administration and as a curator. He held the position of Head of Geology until 1996 and was responsible for curating the Tertiary invertebrate collections. As Deputy Director of the museum Darragh was responsible for the development of the library collection. In the 1970s he sought to fill gaps in the museum's book collection in the areas of zoology, palaeontology and geology, thereby consolidating the importance of the Rare Book Collection to taxonomic research. Darragh also expanded the exchange of the Memoirs of the National Museum of Victoria with other organisations around the world, thus growing the museum's collection of scientific journals. Darragh retired in 2001, although has continued his association with the Museum.

In 1957 Darragh was awarded a Royal Life Saving Bronze medal, now held in Museum Victoria's collection [NU 34529].

Tom Darragh, pers.comm., 2003

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