Located in south-central Queensland, the area later governed by the Ula Ula Divisional Board was first traversed by (Sir) Thomas Mitchell in 1846. The first runs were leased in the Balonne River Districts from 1848 to 1855. The first sale of land in the future St George township took place in 1862. Four years later St George gained its first post office, and public gardens were mapped out. By 1871 the St George district had 203,414 sheep, 85,535 cattle and 3,473 horses. Stock routes ran through the district.

The Ula Ula Divisional board was the first local government authority for the Balonne District (later the Balonne Shire). It was gazetted in 1879, and held its first meeting in St George on 6 February 1883. In that year the Board had 90 ratepayers; St George had 123 suburban lots. The Ula Ula Divisional Board was responsible for local government and public finance. The portfolios overseeing the Ula Ula Divisional Board were Secretary for Public Works and Mines 11 November 1879 - 12 December 1887, Secretary for Mines and Works 12 December 1887 - 4 Jan 1890, Secretary for Railways and Public Works 4 January 1890 - 9 July 1891, Colonial Secretary 9 July 1891 - 6 August 1896 and Home Secretary 6 Aug 1896 - 11 Mar 1903.

In 1885-86 plans for a Divisional Hall in St George were approved. By 1890, 2,200 people lived in the district. In that year a devastating flood in the Balonne River submerged St George.

In 1902 the Ula Ula Divisional Board at St George issued a medal to commemorate the coronation of Edward VII [NU 35224].

The Ula Ula Divisional Board became Balonne Division on 11 March 1903.

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