Research undertaken in 2005 found limited information about this company. Andrews lists two token issuers: Brookes, Ironmongers, Brisbane (No.46); and W & B Brookes, Ironmongers, Brisbane (No.49). Although it is not positively proven, there is no reason to suspect that they were not the same organisation. Examination of Brisbane directories and almanacs from the 1850s and 1860s does not give any evidence of two businesses with such similar names competing with each other. Brookes, Ironmongers, Brisbane, issued their tokens in 1855. W. & B. Brookes issued their penny token in 1863. The earlier tokens are thought to have been struck in Australia, while the later were struck by Heaton & Sons, according to Sharples.

In 1863 they took out a full page advertisement in Pugh's Queensland Almanac, stating their wish to 'respectfully acknowledge with thanks the liberal support they have received from all parts of the Colony' and draw attention to their new partner in Birmingham [England] which enabled them 'to offer in Brisbane a Stock purchased directly from the Manufacturers.'

W. & B. Brookes, Ironmongers, were listed in Pugh's Queensland Almanac for 1866 as having a shop in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane.

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Pugh's Queensland Almanac for 1866.

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