The EnviroWater Greywater Treatment system is an automated water treatment system that recycles waste water from the laundry, hand basin, shower, bath and/or spa into a clear odorless effluent. At a time when domestic water use needs to be reconsidered with a view to water conservation as well as reuse, technologies such as the EnviroWater system are making a significant contribution towards domestic wastewater treatment and reuse. The EnviroWater Greywater Treatment system demonstrates, in a practical sense, what can be achieved in an inner urban context.

When choosing the greywater treatment unit to be installed in their home the donor and his family could have selected from the list of EPA approved units. However, their aim in installing a greywater treatment unit was that it would be as low cost as possible. This would mean that as well as being an effective greywater treatment and recycling system, it would also act as a functional example to the general public of the most economical way to install and operate an efficient greywater treatment system. At the time this unit was installed, it was the most cost effective greywater treatment system available. The manufacturer, Envirowater - which is Melbourne based - was eager for the donor to install the system so that it could be used as a case study for the new system. The broader demonstration value of this case study is significant in terms of maximising knowledge transfer and the process of 'learning by doing'.

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