Taubmans Pty Ltd was established in 1912 by brothers George and Nathaniel Taubman in Sydney. It grew to become one of the largest manufactures of domestic interior and exterior paints in Australia.

Prior to the establishment of the company, the two Taubman brothers had imported and distributed paint supplies for painters and signwriters, however the growing demand for locally produced paint products saw them establish a manufacturing plant in St Peters, Sydney, in 1901, and create the Taubmans Pty Ltd business in 1912. Nathaniel Taubman sold his share of the business to George in 1914, and went on to establish his own company, Sterling Varnish Co. with his son Claude Percival.

George Taubman continued to expand Taubmans Pty Ltd and by 1928 the company was one of the largest paint manufacturers in New South Wales. Technological innovation within the plastics and paint industries during the mid twentieth century further secured Taubmans position as a leader in the manufacture and distribution of synthetic alkyd paint. George Taubman retired as managing director of Taubman Industries in 1916, and died in September 1938. His son Henry Taubman was chairman of the company from 1938-1952.

In the 1940s Taubmans Industries was formed. By the 1950s the Taubmans range included oil paints, enamel, super gloss enamel, waterproof, paving paint, aluminium enamel finish, semi flat, clear gloss, texture finish dull varnish, subdued lustre, washable water paints and brilliant gloss finishes. The interior range includes: 'Russolene' , 'Dulsetta', 'Gransetta', 'Zotena', 'Staywhite', 'Butex', 'Tradex', 'Dynamel', 'Revelite', Eggshell Varnish', 'Plasco', 'Penetrol', and 'Tradex'. The exterior range includes: 'Solpah Paving Paint', 'Cement Proof Paint', 'Roof & Structural Paint', 'Mironite' and 'Silvfros'.

During the mid twentieth century, Taubmans underwent rapid expansion, establishing both industrial and retail premises in all states of Australia, as well as in New Zealand. By the mid 1950s Taubmans retail showrooms were located in 12 branches across Australia. In 1958 Taubmans launched the 'Sepctrocolour' range of paints, for interior and exteriors.

In 1959 Henry Taubman died.

Authored by Kelly Wynne, Deakin University Student and Fiona Kinsey, Curator of Domestic Life, October 2008.

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