Thomas George Beckett (1859-1937) was a doctor, pioneering radiologist and amateur photographer. Museum Victoria holds over 300 photographs - glass plate negatives and prints - taken by Beckett between 1891 and 1911.

Beckett's photographs include a wide range of subject matters including domestic environments, hospitals, houses and mansions, portraits, private gardens, shops, streetscapes, wharves and x-ray apparatus.

The various suburbs and their environments in which he lived in around Melbourne (Charlton, Northcote, South Yarra and Fitzroy) are the backdrop for much of the collection. His various homes across Melbourne and their surrounding suburban streetscapes are recorded in his photographs including pictures of Northcote's Town Hall and High Street, Charlton's main street and the Exhibition Building on the day of Bicycle Sports Day.

Beckett's family including his wife Kate and children Helen (Nell), Kathleen, George and Lawrence Beckett are also frequent figures in many photographs.

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