The Royal Australian Navy Tribal class destroyer HMAS Warramunga was commissioned in November 1942 and built in Australia at Cockatoo Island Dockyard. Serving alongside US Navy vessels in Task Force 74, Warramunga operated off the north coast of New Guinea in 1943, seeing action at Saidor, Cape Gloucester. After a period in Australia, Warramunga once again served in the New Guinea area at Aitape, Biak and then in support of the invasion of the Philippines in October 1944, where the ship came under heavy kamikaze attack. After the surrender of Japan, Warramunga served in support of the initial occupation near Tokyo.

After post-war modification, Warramunga served during the Korean War where the ship evacuated wounded soldiers at Chinnampo in December 1950 under difficult conditions in a narrow channel. On a second tour of operations Warramunga mainly carried out shore bombardment duties. Further modifications were made to the ship in the mid 1950s but by 1959 Warramunga was in reserve and was sold for scrap to a Japanese salvage firm in 1963.

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