The Universal Opportunity League was an organisation established by Melbourne vocational guidance lecturer and advisor Walter Samuel Binks (1892-1983). In effect it was the business name under which Binks gave lectures throughout Australia, published self-help and popular psychology pamphlets, delivered courses in self-help and popular psychology and gave vocational advice to individuals. On some occasions Binks promoted his work under the name of the Australian Opportunity League. While Binks billed himself as the 'chief lecturer' of the League, there does not seem to have been anyone else who operated under the League's name.

The collection comprises some 427 lantern slides used by Binks to accompany his public lectures throughout Australia in the 1930s and 1940s. The slides include photographs and sketches depicting characteristic types of human physiognomy (face shape, body shape, hand shape), which Binks related to personality. The slides also include many cartoons and sketches of social situations, which Binks used to comment on human relationships, personality styles and workplace dynamics. There are also slides of verses and songs that espouse self-improvement and positive thinking, which were used in the lectures. The slides also include samples of the diplomas and related promotional material issued by the League.

The collection was found in an opportunity shop in Melbourne stored in three wooden trays.

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