Constance Duffell (Connie) was born in Hackney, England in July 1910. She migrated to Australia at the age of 17 with her parents and brother, Eric (aged 7), on the 'Narkunda' in 1927. During the voyage Connie was accommodated with another girl on the lower deck while her mother, father and brother were on the upper deck together. Connie suffered seasickness until reaching Gibraltar, although she recovered to win several sports prizes during the voyage.

Connie's father, Thomas Duffell, was brought out to Australia work at the Commonwealth Printing Branch in Fitzroy. This practice was apparently quite common at the time as there was not enough local printing expertise. Thomas worked as an engraver and transferrer and was second in charge of the Engraving Department at the Commonwealth Printing Branch.

On 1 January 1934 Connie married Archibald Gordon Maclaurin who had migrated from England in 1928 and also worked in the printing industry, he commenced work at the Commonwealth Printing Branch in Fitzroy the year he and Connie married.

Connie's brother Eric also worked at the Commonwealth Printing Branch in Fitzroy, commencing on 1 May 1936 as a maintenance engraver, undertaking his training on the job. He remained at the Branch for 40 years, except during WWII where he served in Borneo and New Guinea.

Connie and Archie had two children, Roger and Jocelyn, and lived all their lives in Essendon.

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