Shipboard Newsletter titled 'Seelen Spiegel' (Soul Mirror) issued to passengers travelling on the Fairsea from Bremerhaven-Melbourne from 4 December 1953 to 9 January 1954. This copy was collected by Fred Jordan, who migrated to Australia from Germany, on the Fairsea with his mother and step-farther on an assisted passage at the age of 17.

Fred's recollections of the journey over are that of a rough ride around the Portuguese coast, having come from Bremerhaven via Genoa and Pirrhaeus. He was not interested in the English classes, preferring the shipboard sports.

Fred says the newsletters are full of gossip about who was visiting who in whose cabin, lifeboat, etc. One has a tongue-in-cheek Fairsea alphabet of what one should not do, put together by the German passengers.

Physical Description

5 page double sided printed newsletter, all in German including voyage schedule, stories, poems and sketches of passengers. Front cover features drawing of ship and newsletter title.

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