One of a set of eight wax models showing stages in development of a shield bug, Nezara viridula (Pentatomidae). This particular model shows the bug as dark brown,

The models were made by staff of the Museum of Applied Science of Victoria, Judy Bishop and F. J. (John) Kendall, and they were completed by 24 March 1954. The models were based on specimens from the National Museum of Victoria. The wax model collection was created to promote Victoria's horticultural development and to educate the public about horticulture, disease and insect pests.

Other models in this set include hatched and unhatched eggs, bug at eight stages of growth, and adult bug.

Host: not recorded.

Physical Description

Dark brown six legged insect with antennae and proboscis. The insect has multiple black, pick and white spots around and down its back.

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