Avant Card postcard with the slogan 'Recognise the Journey Celebrate the Future' and an image of a girl, Mina. The text on the front of the card tell's Mina's story about her emigration from Bosnia and life in Australia.

The back of the card requests people to send the card to a local politician to remind them that the community needs to support refugees.It asks people to call into a Body Shop store from 4 August 2003 to 24 August 2003 to welcome and support refugees.

Physical Description

Postcard with orange and plum background and purple, orange and white text and an image of a young woman. The back of the card has typed black text.


This material demonstrates the community response to the hotly debated issues surrounding refugees and mandatory detention in Australia. This material represents a range of community responses to the refugee debate, as well a a variety of community and commercial organisations behind the ephemera.

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