Boxed botanical display, containing information and an illustration of the Elephant Beetle (Orthorrhinus cylindrirostris, Fabr). One in a series concerning botanical pests displayed in the old Museum. These were prepared by Elizabeth Matheson whom worked in the Entomolgy Department to illustrate the destructive insects of Victoria and how to expel and treat them. For her displays Elizabeth reproduced C.C Brittlebanks coloured plates from the book 'A Handbook of the Destructive Insects of Victoria; Prepared by Order of the Victorian Department of Agriculture by C French, Government Entomologist in 1904.

Physical Description

Botanical display presented in a shallow rectangular box with a wood frame, painted black, and a clear glass front. Behind the glass, on the left side, is a paper featuring a coloured illustration of a tree stump, infested with caterpillars, and surrounded by views of the insect in various stages of development. Typewritten text providing information about the pest is to the right, with a specimen of two insects mounted underneath.

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