One of series of information booklets produced by the Australian Government in the late 1970s for prospective migrants from Greece, written in Greek. This booklet provides information on journey preparation, customs and quarantine.

Physical Description

Large format booklet the front cover features light blue masthead, logo of hands forming Australia with people inside and colour image of Qantas plane over Melbourne. Back cover has a map of Australia with capital cities and major air-routes and main railways indicated.


This material adds significantly to the collection of such immigration orientation material which currently centres around the post WWII 'Facts About.' series and other pamphlets and booklets from around that time. This particular collection covers a different period in Australia's immigration history but while post the official end of the White Australia policy, interestingly still focuses on migrants from the UK and North America. However, the Greek versions demonstrate an effort to provide information in languages other than English. The types of information provided has changed little between the 1950s and 1970s with categories traditionally covering Health, Education, Customs, Government, Housing, etc.

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