Book of Common Prayer Hymns, which was given to Archibald Gordon Maclaurin by his grandmother, possibly for his confirmation. He brought it with him when he migrated to Australia in 1928.

Archibald was born in 1904 in Westham London. He trained as a printer and sought work in Australia as there were few opportunities in England; he migrated on the 'Jervis Bay' in 1928. Before migrating he commenced negotiations with the general manager of the Commonwealth Bank Note Printing Branch Fitzroy, who assisted Maclaurin in securing employment at McLaren & Co Pty Ltd Colour Printers in Fitzroy. He then moved to Spicers & Depmont Printers and Stationers before an opening came up for a machinist at the Note Printing Branch, where he worked for 32 years.

He married Constance Duffell in 1934, who had migrated from England on the 'Narkunda' with her parents and brother in 1927. Her father and brother worked for the Note Printing Branch which facilitated their meeting. They had two children, Roger and Jocelyn and lived all their lives in Essendon.

Physical Description

Small prayer book with red leather soft cover, entitled 'Common Prayer. Inscribed on inside front cover: 'Archie from Grandmother F.E.E April 13th 1919. In remembrance'.

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