Leaflet, single folded page, titled 'Racial Discrimination and Prejudice', with a photo of Minister for Immigration Al Grassby on front. Provides information in a 'frequently asked questions' format, about the new Racial Discrimination Act. Issued by the Commissioner for Community Relations, 1975.

The leaflet contains the following headings: 'What is racial discrimination?'; 'What types of racial discrimination are against the law in Australia?'; 'What about laws that are discriminatory?'; 'Is racial discrimination by governments and officials covered?'; 'Does the Act make illegal special measures to assist people of a particular place?'; 'What can I do if I think I have suffered racial discrimination?'; 'What happens when I make a complaint?'; 'What happens if someone victimises me for making a complaint or helping the Commissioner for Community Relations?'; 'Can the Commissioner for Community Relations refuse to make a complaint?'; 'What happens if my complaint isn't settled?'; 'What can the court do?'; and 'How then do I complain about racial discrimination or obtain more information?'

The leaflet is part of a collection at Museum Victoria which provides an insight into the evolution of immigration and multicultural policy in Australia, including documentation relating to various immigration ministers over time. The collection is valuable both for the information it contains regarding issues relating to immigration and multicultural policy, citizenship, language and national identity, but also for the material expression of this critical and far-reaching shift on Australian cultural policy from White Australia to the Racial Discrimination Act and beyond.

Physical Description

White double-folded matt brochure with black and white photo of Al Grassby (Commissioner for Community Relations) on front cover; title in black on purple band.


This acquisition is drawn from material selected from the Ecumenical Migration Centre library collection at the Immigration Museum Discovery Centre by Maria Tence and Moya McFadzean. The items selected are considered to be more appropriate as heritage collection than library material.

Community Cultural and Political Awareness Material: This eclectic mix of material provides an insight into the types of activities being undertaken in the 1970s and 1980s in terms of multicultural policy and promotion and immigration settlement management. From multilingual translations on racial discrimination to translating services, immigration and cultural diversity related community resources to refugee support groups, culturally-specific educational curriculum to poster and calendar promoting cultural diversity.

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