Poster advertising the Refugee Hope March, a peace rally to be held on Palm Sunday, 4 April 2004, in Melbourne. The march was endorsed by the Refugee Action Collective, Victorian Peace Network, Victorian Trades Hall Council, Victorian Council of Churches and the Victorian Council of Social Service. Artwork for the poster was created by Deborah Kelly.

The Refugee Action Collective grew out of a national grassroots protest movement in response to the treatment of refugees and mandatory detention. First established in 2000, it gained momentum during the Tampa crisis in August 2001.

Physical Description

Poster, gloss finish with illustration of small sailing ship on blue water with flag entitled 'Hope'. 3 flags at bottom left hand corner each inscribed: 'Freedom not Detention', Citizenship not Visas' and 'Hope not Fear'. Rally details printed as follows on maroon background: 'Palm Sunday 4 April 2004. Refugee Hope March.' Then further information about rally times and places.

More Information