Photocopied poster produced to advertise a benefit concert 'Identify the Real Criminal II' held by the Refugee Action Collective on 5 October 2002. The concert which included performances by The Disclosure Project, Tenderfoot, Brolga Boyz and elf:elf was held to raise funds for the costs associated with protesters arrested after the 2002 Woomera breakout.

The Refugee Action Collective grew out of a national grassroots protest movement in response to the treatment of refugees and mandatory detention. First established in 2000, it gained momentum during the Tampa crisis in August 2001.

Physical Description

Photocopied poster featuring images of police arresting Prime Minister John Howard and Immigration Minister Phillip Ruddock (heads superimposed onto bodies). Text in black type the poster includes Refugee Action Collective.logo with black map of Australia with adult and child figures behind razor wire.

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