Poster promoting the 'Rock on against Racism' gig organised by the Refugee Action Collective to coincide with the 2003 Baxter protest. In April 2003, as part of a nationwide protest, buses from all capital cities took protesters to Baxter Detention Centre in South Australia to rally against the treatment of asylum seekers. Baxterwatch is the name of a website set up to facilitate and promote the protest. The Baxter protest was put together by a diverse coalition including Refugee Action Collective, campus-affiliated refugee groups, and many others.

The Refugee Action Collective grew out of a national grassroots protest movement in response to the treatment of refugees and mandatory detention. First established in 2000, it gained momentum during the Tampa crisis in August 2001.

Physical Description

Yellow poster, matt finish (photocopied) with black type. Reads: 'Rock against Racism! What are you doing this Easter?' List of various performers. Details: 'Saturday 19 April 2003, near Port Augusta, South Australia'.

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