Sailing boat named "Patsy" used in fishing for barracouta in Port Phillip and Tasmania. The boat was built by J.B. Jones in his boatshed on the Maribyrnong River at Ascot Vale, in about 1920. The boat has been fully restored and is rigged with a gaff sail and main sail. The Patsy was bought by Kevin Douglas in 1947 and sailed to Devonport in Tasmania. Murray Griffiths in Port Sorell bought it from Douglas in about 1950 and continued to use it for fishing until the 1980s. The boat was bought by Tim Phillips and restored on behalf of the 'Couta Boat Club. Phillips donated the boat to Museum Victoria in may 2000.

The restoration required that as much as possible of the existing original structure be retained and that all details of the structure, finish and fittings be as close as possible to the 'as built' configuration.

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