Alternative Name(s): Oral History; RAAF Interview; Exhibition Building, World War II; Cassette Tape

Details of the interview subject are not documented, but R.D. (Dick) Thompson is identified as the interview subject. Richard Desmond Thompson served in the RAAF in World War II - service no. 23965. Born on 18 April 1922, he enlisted on 30 December 1940 and was discharged on 13 May 1946, when he was a Sergeant in the 3 Personnel Depot (Brisbane). Dates mentioned in the course of the interview imply it was recorded between 1987 and 1991. The year 1991 is most likely: a reference to the 'Darwin anniversary' taking place the year after the interview probably refers to the major (and first) attack on Darwin on 19 February 1942; 1992 would mark the 50-year anniversary.

Description of Content

Interview with R.D. (Dick) Thompson.

Physical Description

Kenwood Type I, High Position CD60 [30 minutes each side] compact cassette in plastic case with manufacturer's [TDK SF60] printed insert. Type I tape. No batch number markings.

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