Alternative Name(s): Current Tester. A probe used measure electrical current flow in wires. This object is most likely to have been used with the Ferranti Sirius computer.

This item is from either ICIANZ or Monash University; its exact provenance cannot be determined (as of March 2013).
The Ferranti Sirius in the Museum Victoria collection was donated by Monash University in 1975. The University had acquired the computer from ICIANZ (Imperial Chemical Industries of Australia and New Zealand) in 1967.

Monash University donated hardware, software and paperwork to Museum Victoria. The donation included items from both ICIANZ and Monash University, but it has not been always possible to identify to which institution every item belonged. In March 2013, a researcher from Monash University Computing Museum identified the sources of as many of the items as she could.

Physical Description

A red plastic peg-shaped clamp is attached with a black plastic sheathed wire to an opaque plastic connector. The other end of the connector is attached with a black sheathed cable to a silver coloured cylindrical object with a manufacturer's label on it. The other end of the cylinder has a black sheathed cable protruding from it that terminates in a black plastic 3-hole socket. There is a red wire and a black wire, each with an single pin plug connector, protruding from the cylinder.

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