A man demonstrating the use of weaponry, Victoria, 1872. Man on the right appears to be holding a parrying shield and a liangle (club) and the man on the left appears to be holding a shield (blurred, at centre) and a boomerang. The handwritten entry for this image taken from the index of the album: 'Aborigines of Victoria defending against spear 1872'. Location of the photograph is unrecorded and neither is there a record of the man's name. The original photograph is mounted in an album belonging to the collection of R.E. Johns. Johns acquired photographs depicting people and places from many parts of the world and compiled them into albums, three of which are in the collections of Museum Victoria. The album containing this image is dated 1890, and the photograph is listed in the index as p.14. The date obtained from the index most probably refers to when R.E. Johns acquired or entered the image into the album and not necessarily that the

Physical Description

Albumen print. Demonstration. Use of weaponry. Adhered to standard cardboard stock. Print is inserted into window mount through an opening at the bottom of the page. The page is sealed on three sides. Mount has gilded edging and the window is framed by a decorative gold border. One of 52 photographs in an album dated 1890 with an index located at the front. Page number "15" annotated top right-hand corner.

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