Folio of reference schematic drawings (electrical diagrams, flow diagrams, wiring diagrams, layouts) for the Intel "Intellec 8 MOD 80" microcomputer.

Physical Description

A blue folio of 32, A3 sized black printed sheets bound on the left hand side with three metal hole binders. There are also four loose A3 sheets and an A4 sized letter (4 sheets) inside the folio. The sheets contain electrical symbols, diagrams and text.

More Information

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    Information & Communication

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    Donation from Physics Department, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), 09/02/1987

  • Manufacturer

    Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, California, United States of America, 1974

  • Inscriptions

    Letter: The letter is from K.T. Kremer, Field Services Manager, Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, California and is addressed to "Intellec Customer" with subject " Improvement of the programming capability on the 1702 PROM Programming Card (ECR 600)". Folio Cover (black print): " intellec 8 / MOD 80 / Reference / Schematic / Drawings / intel [corporate logo font] / Intel 1974 " Folio Cover (blue ink stamp): " PHYSICS R.M.I.T. / R.M.I.T APPLIED PHYSICS / INSTRUMENT SCIENCE "

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    Computing & calculating, Digital computing, Microcomputers

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    History & Technology

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    440 mm (Width), 10 mm (Depth), 285 mm (Height)

  • References

    Information about Intellec 8 from "Old Computers" website: "By mid-1974, Intel had renamed the Intellec 8 to the Intellec 8/Mod 8. The 8080 had just been introduced, and it seems the system was renamed to distinguish it from the Intellec 8/Mod 80, which was for 8080 development. (This second system is sometimes called the Intellec 8/80, following the logo on the front panel." [Link 1] - Retrieved 28 Sep 2010

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    Computers, Drawings