Video recording produced following the 1993 Tallangatta Women on Farms Gathering. This video was made from three reels of footage filmed by participant Bev Hoffman at the Gathering and later developed as a training exercise in which Tallangatta committee members, Elaine Paton, Denise Kirk and Ann Jarvis participated as executive producers, editors and script writers for the video. The video training occurred at the Wondonga Institute of TAFE.
Part of Museums Victoria's Invisible Farmer Project Collection. The Invisible Farmer Project was the largest ever study of Australian women on the land, uncovering the histories and stories of Australian women in agriculture. It began as a pilot project (2015-2016) and evolved into a three year (2017-2020) nation-wide partnership between rural communities, academic, government and cultural organisations, funded by the Australian Research Council.the absence of rural women in mainstream histories and museums.

Physical Description

VHS video tape in white case with green cover and black text. Name of Ann Jarvis on inner left hand side of case and on tape. 56 minutes.


The video is an important document of the 1993 Tallangatta Gathering. Its significance is enhanced by the process that was undertaken in the production stage; three members of the organising committee were trained by the Media Unit of the Wodonga College of TAFE in editing, script writing and direction. One of the outcomes of the Victorian Women on Farms Gatherings has been the increased development of skills among the women that attend. In the early 1990s these skills were initially focused on farming enterprise, but gradually expanded to include a wide range of diverse skills. 'I came home with not only a new confidence and belief in people' stated participant Bev Hoffman, who took the video footage at the Tallangatta Gathering, 'also to resolve to continue to expand and explore myself more.' Tallangatta Gathering Proceedings, 1993.

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