Alternative Name(s): Souvenir Doll, Good Luck Charm

A small textile figure of a sailor in uniform. Associated with Clifford Nowell, a sailor who served with H.M.A.S Australia in World War I. Its maker is unknown.

Clifford Henry Nowell, AB, RAN, was born on 15 March 1894 in Camperdown. He joined the Navy 15 April 1912 for a period of seven years, and was discharged 19 July 1919. His service number during World War I was 1586.

Physical Description

A small doll-like figure of a sailor in a blue uniform. Figure is made in one piece using blue wool or cotton fibre wound around a shape made from white wool or cotton fibre. It has a white hat with a blue band studded with yellow pieces of thread. Nose, eyes and mouth are sewn in white thread.

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