Alternative Name(s): Newsletter, Newspaper

Magazine titled 'he Kia Ora Coo-ee' Second Series, No. 5, 15 November 1918. It described itself as the official monthly magazine of the Australian and New Zealand Forces in World War I in Egypt, Palestine, Salonica and Mesopotamia. It was printed by the Sphinx Press, in Cairo, Eygpt.

The Turnbull Library notes that Kia ora coo-ee was published 15 March to 15 December 1918, while the Kia ora coo-ee news was published 6 August to 24 December 1918. This may explain why some issues are labelled 'Second Series'.

Physical Description

Black and white magazine titled "The Kia Ora Coo-ee". The front cover consists of an illustration by Bob Dunsmuir, of a soldier on a horse jumping, with a palm tree, and a middle eastern village in smoke in the background. The magazine contains information, article's, and black and white illustrations for Australian and New Zealand soldiers of the different units in Egypt, Palestine, Salonica and Mesopotamia. Tears to edges of paper along lower right hand side, and centre right hand side.

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