Silk cigarette card dating from World War I depicting the HMS New Zealand Battle Cruiser crest printed on a white background. The silk is number 17 of the series. Silk cigarette cards were issued with packets of BDV Cigarettes and were keenly collected.

The construction of the Indefatigable class battlecruiser H.M.S. New Zealand was funded by the government of New Zealand as a gift to Britain. She was launched in 1911 and commissioned into the Royal Navy in 1912. After World War I broke out, she became part of the Royal Navy's Grand Fleet.

On 22 April 1916 the 'New Zealand' and her sister ship, the 'Australia', were part of a fleet patrolling north-west of the Horn Reefs. The ships were zigzagging to avoid submarine attack, and when a heavy fog descended the 'Australia' collided with the 'New Zealand' twice in three minutes. The 'New Zealand' was quickly repaired (repairs to the Australia took several months), and went on to serve for the rest of World War I, including the battle of Jutland and the action of Helgoland Bight of 17 November 1917. The 'New Zealand' was sold for scrap in December 1922 under the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty.

Two 4-inch guns from the 'New Zealand' are displayed outside the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Physical Description

Silk cigarette card featuring an image of the HMS New Zealand Battle Cruiser printed in brown ink against a white background. Title printed below. Left and right edges frayed.

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