Specimen Abyssinian War medal 1867-1868 - with mount but no ribbon. This specimen medal was acquired by the Melbourne Branch of the Royal Mint to exhibit at the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition; it was also shown at the 1888 exhibition.

King Theodore of Abyssinia took to imprisoning missionaries, British subjects and even workmen he had sent for from England as the arrived. From 1867 a series of ultimatums and declarations of war were ignored until Lord Robert Napier invaded and defeated the fortress at Magdala. The King committed suicide and the prisoners were released. Two Victoria Crosses were won in the capture of Magdala - one, that won by Drummer Michael Magner, is in the collections of Museum Victoria.

Physical Description

A silver specimen medal 32 mm with mount in the form of a loop attached at the top of and Imperial Crown which is attached to the top edge of the medal.

Obverse Description

A diademed bust of Queen Victoria facing left with veil, surrounded by a nine-pointed star with a letter of the word ABYSSINIA between each point; the artists names, J.S. & A.B. WYON below bust.

Reverse Description

A laurel wreath arround a circular beaded border, the centre, where the name of the person winning the medal would have been struck, in empty.

Edge Description


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