Silver African General Service Medal (Specimen), George V, issued by Great Britain 1902-1956.

Medal with mount, ribbon and nine bars: East Africa 1915, Nyasaland 1915, Shimber Berris 1914-15, East Africa 1913-14, East Africa 1913, Jubaland 1917-18, East Africa 1918, Somaliland 1920, Nigeria 1918.

This is an un-issued specimen of the medals awarded to those who were involved in campaigns in Africa. A bar would be awarded to indicate which action the medal was awarded for. It replaced the older East and West Africa medal in 1902.

Obverse Description

A bust of George V in the Field Marshal's uniform, head bare facing left; around, GEORGIVS V BRITT: OMN: REX ET IND: IMP:.

Reverse Description

Britannia standing facing right towards the rising sun, in her right hand se rests a trtident on the ground while her left hand extends a palm branch and scroll; behind her the British lion advanced right; in exergue, AFRICA.

Edge Description


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