1914 Star Medal issued to Cpl. F.W. Wise, service number 8215, 1 / SOM: L.I. (1st Somerset Light Infantry) for service in World War I.

This medal was sanctioned in October 1919 to be awarded to those who had served in France or Belgium between 5 August 1914 and midnight 22-23 November 1914. Those who had been under fire received a bar bearing these dates. These included those who took part in the retreat from Mons, which has led to this medal being given the nick-name the 'Mons Star'.

Obverse Description

A four pointed star with the top point replaced by a crown with attached loop, crossed swords project between the points of the star and at the centre, within an oak wreath, a scroll wrapped around the swords reads AUG 1914 NOV; at the base of the wreath is a large G which encloses a V (King George V).

Reverse Description

8215 L. CPL. F.W.WISE 1 / SOM: L.I.

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