Military Medal, George V, 1st. Issue, awarded to Gnr. J.V. Stewart, service number 344284, 4th R.G.A. (Royal Garrison Artillery), T.F.

Belongs to a group of medals awarded to Gunner Stewart who was a signaller in Unit 329, Siege Battery, 4th R.G.A.
The 5 medals include: the R.G.A. Military medal (for bravery in the field), Territorial War Medal 1914-19 (for voluntary service overseas 1914-1919), The British War Medal 1914-20, The Victory Medal 1914-18 and The Territorial Force Efficiency Medal 1908-21. The medals are mounted on a bar.

This decoration for army NCO's and men was introduced on 25 March 1916 for acts of bravery in the field.

Obverse Description

Silver medal with ribbon. Obverse features bust of King George V facing left wearing the uniform of a Field Marshal, the artist's initials "B.M." on the neck truncation; around, "GEORGIVS V BRITT: OMN: REX ET IND: IMP:".

Reverse Description

Reverse features the monogram "GVR" below a small crown and above the legend: "FOR BRAVERY IN THE FIELD" within a laurel wreath.

Edge Description

Edge inscription: "344284 GNR: J.V. STEWART. FOURTH R.G.A. - T.F.".

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