1914-15 Star awarded to Sjt. W.F. Doubleday of New Zealand, 15/145 A, N.Z.E.F. (New Zealand Expeditionary Force).

The 1914-15 Star was authorised in 1918 to be awarded to those who saw service between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915 (excluding those who were eligibile for the 1914 Star) - 2,350,000 were issued.

Obverse Description

Bronze four pointed star with the top point replaced by a crown with attached loop and ribbon, crossed swords project between the points of the star and at the centre, within an oak wreath, a scroll crossing the swords reads '1914-15'; at the base of the wreath is a large 'G' which encloses a V (King George V).

Reverse Description

Stamped in block capitals: '15/145 A SJT. W.F. DOUBLEDAY N.Z.E.F.'.

Edge Description


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