Victory Medal 1914-1918 awarded to Gnr. F.A. Visser. S.A.H.A., in South Africa, 1919 for service in World War I .

The South African Victory Medal (with reverse legend in English and Afrikaans) was authorised in 1919 and was awarded to army, navy and air force personnel who served in a theatre of war between midnight 4th-5th August 1914 and midnight 11th-12th November 1918. The Allies resolved that, if they wished to issue a Victory Medal, it would share a common feature of a depiction of Victory on the obverse and a ribbon of red, yellow, green, blue and violet merged into a rainbow pattern. The other Allied countries that issued Victory medals were: Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Thailand and the United States of America.

Obverse Description

A figure of Victory facing three-quarters right with wings spread; in her right hand she holds a palm branch, her left hand is extended and open. The artist's initials, W.McM. (W. McMillan) are above the ground line on the right.

Reverse Description

The words, THE GREAT . WAR FOR . CIVILISATION DE GROTE OORLOG VOOR DE BESCHAVING 1914 - 1919 within a circular wreath of laurel.

Edge Description


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