War Medal issued by Turkey to Enlisted Men in 1915.
The Turkish War Medal was instituted as a gallantry award in 1915 by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet V. Although often mistakenly called the Gallipoli Star, it was not a campaign medal but decoration. The ribbon attached to this medal is red with two white stripes. Originally the medal was to be worn in a button-hole, not on the ribbon, but it would appear that even during the war period, many attached the ribbon to the medal like this.

Obverse Description

A star shaped medal with ball finials, a raised silver edge and red lacquered field. A raised silver crescent, open at the top, encircles the center of the badge, and inside the crescent is the tughra of Sultan Mehmed Reshad V, over the Islamic date 1333 (AH).

Reverse Description

Reverse of the medal is blank and has a horizontal pin brooch to attach it to the left breast of the uniform. A red ribbon with two white stripes has been attached to the pin.

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